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Lessons Learned While Meeting A Deadline

I promised my publishing friend, Michelle, that I would have a manuscript for her today.  Well, it wasn’t completely ready, so I implemented the 10 minute method to get it done.  From 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, I stayed in my kitchen, alternating work every ten minutes. Ten minutes on the computer, ten minutes either washing dishes, making a meal, folding laundry or baking bread.  I am happy to say that everything was satisfactorily completed.  

But there were a few mishaps. I would like to call this “Deadline Do’s and Don’ts”

1. DO:  Try to keep your children busy while you are working.

DON’T: Decide hours after the injury that the bruise on the 2 1/2 year old’s chin should have been treated with ice.

2. DO:  Use your favorite appliances to help with dinner.

DON’T:  Set the rice cooker basin in the sink (with rice in it), turn on the water and get distracted by children who are not doing their afternoon chores.  You will likely make enough rice to feed your entire neighborhood.

3. DO: Be attentive to your husband as he comes in and out of the kitchen, preparing for his day at work.

DON’T: Forget to wash your hands while making bread. He will, most assuredly, ask you to go get the dress pants in the closet. He will then realize that there is flour on the pants. 

4. DO: Be cheerful to everyone in your household.  They are not on deadline, only you are.

DON’T: Get frustrated with your husband when he asks you for a wet-wipe to get the flour off his pants.

5. DO: Have the children help out around the house.

DON’T: Send the four year old to the basement to bring up a new gallon of apple juice. He will undoubtedly drop it, causing a hairline crack in the bottle, of which you will not notice, until an hour later when the contents of said bottle have drained out the bottom, all over the counter top, down the counters and onto the kitchen floor.

6. DO:  Ask the children to have self control in the house.

DON’T:  Scold the 6 year old for running like a wild man and falling because of a lack of self control.  He just slipped on a puddle of apple juice that Mommy didn’t know was there, even though it was eight inches away from her.

7. DO: Make your work work around your life.

DON’T: Make your life work around your work.

8.  DO:  Learn from your mistakes.

DON’T:  Ever complain about being on a deadline.  This is what real writers do. 

Whew!  I’m going to bed early tonight!

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3 Responses to “Lessons Learned While Meeting A Deadline”

  1. Sounds a rough day!! It’s so easy to know what we should have done better after the event, isn’t it? :-)
    Well done you on completing it all and blogging about it too – hope you had a good night’s sleep!
    love Gaynor

  2. ESchneid

    Lol, poor Kathy! Well, at least you got it all done. And you can look back at this blog and laugh a little at all the “Don’ts” of the day :)

  3. shanibani

    Ok, this one really does give me snapshot of your life. Makes me laugh and want to say a prayer for you all at the same time. Love Shan

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