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Free Write Friday: The Apples To Apples Version (and a prize!)

Last night I played Apples To Apples with my children and I lost again. I never win because they like to chose the most ridiculous match rather than the most logical match.  I can’t scold them too much because they appreciate creativity just like I do.  

Then I had a great idea! Apples To Apples will be the basis of this week’s free write!

Below, I’ve listed what was on 5 cards (3 red and 2 green). Mostly, they are nouns and adjectives, some in phrase form. The free write assignment is to take the 5 words or phrases and to write for 10 minutes, including all of them in some sort of composition.  Your creation can be anything, poetry or prose, serious or humorous, first person or third person.  Try your best to add it punctuation and spelling just for the benefit of your reader. They are incomplete on purpose, so that you can add your own flavor to it. 

But I think I should sweeten the deal.  For everyone who submits a free write, meeting that criteria, this week will be given a beta-version of my poetry writing curriculum for homeschoolers. 

So, choose one (or more) set your timer and write, incorporating ALL of the five phrases.

1. Lobsters, Peacocks, Mermaids, Awful, Chubby

2. Basketball, Potato Chips, Walking the dog, Polite, Cozy

3. Gorillas, Flip-Flops, Vanilla Pudding, Handy, Gorgeous

4.  Tooth Fairy, Candy Corn, Power Drills, Surprising, Silky

5. Sunburns, Coffee, Texas, Comfortable, Sickening

6. Doughnuts, Baseball Fields, Perfume, Flavorful, Talented

7. A Leaky Boat, Guitars, A Movie Theater, Skillful, Smelly

8.  A Swimming Pool, High Heels, Toasted Marshmallows, Thick, Bumpy

9. Freckles, Tightrope Walking, Having A Party, Courageous, Costly

10. Race Car Drivers, Hammerhead Sharks, Corn Flakes, Cool, Worthless


I think this is my favorite free write so far.  Have fun!


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One Response to “Free Write Friday: The Apples To Apples Version (and a prize!)”

  1. This inspired me to put pen to paper, even while away on holiday. I’ve e-mailed my free-write direct to Kathy as I wasn’t sure it it would fit here, but I’d love to read any one else’s, and to share mine!
    Thanks for the idea Kathy!

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