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Finding 10 Minutes Tip #9: Have a Plan Before Bed

My high school journalism teacher was big on “borrowing” ideas from others.  She called it “Creative Plagerism”.  I think that term deserves its own blog entry.  But tonight’s not the time.

I bring it up, however, to admit that many of my time-saving ideas have been lovingly influenced by Flylady.net.  About five years ago I was desperate for some help in running my household. (I was such a wimp back then. I only had three kids. What was I complaining about?)  I took her recommendations and tailored them for me and my situations.  (She’s really big on setting timers too.  But I was kind of doing that long before I was a Flybaby.)

All that to say, she is really big on planning your tomorrow the night before.  This will most certainly save you some time.  If you need to wear special clothes, have a lunch packed, certain things together, or whatever, a little advance planning goes a long way. 

I don’t send my kids to school, so we don’t have the daily nightmare of getting everyone out the door.  But I do need to have a plan for breakfast, an idea of what the day’s activities are and what projects I need to attend to.  Then, of course, laundry, dinner, and writing time.

This is much like the crock pot tip or the laundry tip: for it’s better to have a plan in place than just to react to last minute emergencies.  Without a plan your day might fly by and you’ll have accomplished nothing you hoped for.

So, tonight, as I write this, I’m going to think about tomorrow a little bit.  You should try it to.


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  1. shanibani

    I love the “FlyLady” books. I started reading them when I went back to work ’cause I was always feeling overwhelmed and behind. I think she’s a genius. I don’t always follow her stuff to the “T”. (cleaning the toilet everyday seemed a little much) But I do have rough schedule, and it helps.

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