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7 Quick Takes On A Saturday, Sorry!

1. Rain. Rain. Oh look, more rain. This is the same complaint I had in March except it was colder, fluffier and white. For the last three weeks, we’ve had, maybe, five days of sun? I just want you to know I’m ready for some real summer. I’m originally from Oklahoma, so I know that real summer consists of 100+ degree heat and sweat and more complaining.

2. My urban adventure. On Wednesday of this week, I decided to face, all alone, without Daddy, the gargantuan task of taking my brood to downtown Boston to visit the Children’s Museum. This is the first summer that we are diaper and stroller free, so we, at least in theory, can handle these big adventures. The hard part is keeping everyone together and out of the mysterious brown stains on the subway. We did it, cheerfully. I am immensely proud of myself. Next time, though, I’m going to pick a day in which four thousand other mothers and nannies (and their strollers and diapers) spent the day there too. I am also not going to pay attention to any friendly subway maintenance worker who says, “Hey, kids, come here! Wanna see a live rat?”

3. Tonight! I get to back into the city again! This time I’m alone! The main branch of the Boston Public Library (in beautiful Copley Square) is holding a forum by recently published authors about their books. None of the books seem particularly interesting to me now, but I’m sure I’ll change my mind. It’s always fun to meet authors and come away inspired. I’m going to take lots of notes and give you my impressions.

4. Salsa music. My new favorite genre. I especially like the instrumentals. YAY Pandora!

5. My newest frustration: AT&T. Last Friday, my husband bought a new iPhone. This means that I get the old iPhone — WOO-HOO! So, on Friday, he thought it would be relatively easy to transfer my number to my new phone. Wrong! Evidentally, AT&T, Apple and my IT genius husband are either miscommunicating, messing up or messing around (not my husband, though). So I have been without a phone for a long time. If it were just a phone, I probably wouldn’t mind, since I hate talking on the phone, but it’s an iPhone! I’ll be useless as a mother now.

6. Regrets! I partially blaming 41 year old hormones, but I think the lustre on Chapter 12 that I was so excited about, is slowly fading. To Rust. I know this is part of being a writer, but I think I overdid my heroine’s emotional state and made her a slobbering mess. Last week I was writing the Greatest Novel Known To Man. This week, I’m a chimpanzee at a typewriter attempting Shakepeare. My solution is to put it away for a couple of months and come back to it before I send it to my benevolent editor, Kerry.

7. My loving daughter the aspiring novelist has written a quiz: “Which Grubb Kid Are You?” This will be hilarious my friends. When it’s up, I’ll post the link so you can take it.

That’s it for me. And if you knew my emotional state, you’d say it was enough.

See you Monday.

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  1. elaine b

    I am insanely jealous that you can visit the Boston Library in Copley Square. When Dale and I were in Boston 2 springs ago, I fell in love with that place!

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