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Ten Links About Agents

This week, I have the thrill to list for you ten links about agents, getting agents and what to say to an agent. I know that some of us are a long, long way from this whole writer/agent relationship. But I think that it doesn’t hurt to learn about how they think, what they are looking for and why you should never, ever discuss a proposal in a restroom.

1. Literary Agent Rachelle Gardner describes how a writer can effectively “scare an agent”. Read about it here.

2. What makes a “Good Agent” by Books and Such (a literary agent’s website). Here.

3. How To Drive Your Agent Crazy (of course this would apply to us after we get one).

4.A Whole Truckload of FAQ’s to agents, collected and answered by Nathan Bransford, agent in San Francisco.

5. A list of agents and agencies to avoid like the plague.

6. A entire blog devoted to the acquisition of an agent! With Guest Writers! Ooo! I’m salivating!

7. If you’re a gambler, and if you’re counting on supporting yourself as a writer, then you have no choice but to be one, here is an entry by Rachelle Gardner about The Odds of Getting An Agent.

8. Then Ms. Gardner (whom I happen to LOVE) describes Ten Things That Agents are Supposed to Do For A Writer.

9. Then from MacGregor Literary Agency, lots and lots of questions about agents.

10. And then, of course, we have to end with a punch line.

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