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Happy Anniversary A to Z!

Tomorrow, 10 Minute Writer is ONE YEAR OLD!  WOO-HOO! 

I’ve been thinking hard about how to celebrate this milestone.  I thought about a writing contest, but then I would have to choose between the entries of my new friends and it would break my heart.  Then I thought about a giveaway, but this isn’t Pioneer Woman (even though we have much in common) so my giveaways might be limited to used books from my local thrift store, and who wants junk?

Instead, I thought I’d write an entry summarizing my year.  It’s been a great one! Thanks to you, my dear readers!  I’m a stronger, more encouraged and more successful writer and blogger because of you. 


A is for The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, the most mentioned book on this blog. Thanks to the reader who suggested I read it.  I did. It changed my life.

B is for business cards.  I bought some cheap ones to help me promote my blog. Of course then I went and changed my name.  Sigh. 

C is for confidence.  Blogging every day has helped mine grow. 

D is Digg, Google Reader and other stuff with which I decided not to clutter this blog. Although, that might hurt my numbers, I find that too much foolin’ around with stuff I don’t understand makes me dizzy.

E is for England where my faithful readers, Jane and Gaynor live! Cheerio! Ya’ll are so Fab!

F is for Facebook friends who read me, like Christy, Kim & Kerry!  Thanks guys!

G is for God, the giver of good gifts. And G is also for glory. Which I hope I bring him.

H is for Haiku and my favorite haiku-writin’ reader, Elaine.

I is for Internet. All my favorite things have come from the Internet, like my husband. Thank you, Al Gore!

J is for jelly.  What my keyboard is often covered with.

K is for Katharine Joy. I’m giddy over what this step of faith might bring me.

L is for Listening Lunch.  My first e-book was published this year! You can buy a copy of it here!

M is for Michelle, who talked me into blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting. My new strategy, any suggestion that scares me is probably a good one.

Non-Fiction. The forgotten child. Writers of non-fiction, I’m going to write more about that here eventually. Stay tuned!

O is for Oklahoma.

P is for Pandora. Shannon, a faithful reader, introduced me to Pandora radio so that I can listen to the right kind of music while I write. As I write this, I’m listening to Salsa. Which is pretty funny, if you think about it.

Q is for Quitting. I was going to. Several times. But it was your kind comments and encouragement that kept me going.

R is for righteous, responsive readers. And for reading. And for RAH RAH for Alliteration.

S  is for Seven Quick Takes, a little game that Jen at Conversion Diary plays every Friday. I’m sure that Susanne, Erin, Sarah and others started reading me because of Jen. And for that I’m very grateful.

T is for Twitter! I think a few folks have dropped by after I threatened begged suggested it.

U is for uninterrupted. My dream. Certainly not my reality.

V is for victory.  What is victory if not conquering our fears and taking one step toward our goals?

W is for Writer In Training  and Miranda’s Blog which are the blogs of my oldest two children.  They admire me so much that they wanted to do what I do. I wonder how long this will last?

X is for a cop-out word, like excited, which really doesn’t start with X. But yet, it describes how I feel about this blog.

Y is for yesterday. I didn’t blog. Sorry. Sometimes I remember I have a day job.

Z is for zany. My least favorite adjective. Although I’m thinking that “long winded”, “blathering” and “self-indulgent” are appropriate ones to have at the end of this blog post. Too bad they don’t start with Z.


That’s it, folks!  It’s been a great year! Thank you for making it so fun for me.  And next year, I’ll give away an iPhone!

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5 Responses to “Happy Anniversary A to Z!”

  1. Kim Cusimano

    Katharine, (Wow, how fun to use your new name!!) You have had a GREAT year! So glad you also became part of my year! Many of your suggestions have encouraged me and prompted me to make changes.
    I enjoy your blog. Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Happy Birthday to you! (or should that be blog-day?) Well done! Keep writing, I love it!

  3. Happy Birthday blog!

  4. Congratulations, Katharine, on a beautiful and successful first year of glorifying God and helping other writers do the same through your blog. Keep on keeping on — you have inspired me in several ways in my own work. And yes, I found you through Jen and have stayed ever since … and then found Jane through you. Thanks!

    Happy Birthday to 10 Minute Writer and the amazing woman behind the curtain! Kudos to Katharine!

    Susanne :)

  5. Happy blog-day to you, happy blog-day to you, happy blog-day dear Mom, happy blog-day to you!

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