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7 Quick Takes For The Week Of March 4-8 WHAT TIME IS IT?

Time Thingy Number One: My youngest child, 7-year-old Veronica is obsessed with specific times. She has created a list of what she calls “Its” and they are patterns that she sees on the digital clocks on the stove and microwave. They are, in this order: 8:08 AM, 10:01 AM (don’t know why 9:09 AM is skipped, but it is) 11:11 AM, 12:21 AM (she loudly insists that as long as there is visible sunshine outside — that it is DAYTIME, that it is AM. There is no point in trying to convince her otherwise) 12:34 AM, 1:11 PM (PM now because in her mind, it’s now it’s after lunch) 2:22 PM, 3:33 PM, 4:44 PM, 5:55 PM and 6:54 PM. Her goal is to see these occur every day, which means that often she runs screaming into to kitchen in joy that she saw it or screaming in despair that she missed it. She does have timers set on an old iPhone, but other than drive her parents crazy with it, it hasn’t really helped her catch the “its” in time. Her definition of a perfect day is to see all of them. In her mind, if she misses the first one, there’s no point trying for the rest. She is, as you can imagine, a girl of great passion.

Time Thingy Number Two: My older daughters, Ariel (age 14) and Miranda (age 13) are obsessed with Doctor Who. They have watched all the episodes on Netflix repeatedly and consider themselves experts on all things Timey-Wimey. As a result of their obsession, they have told their younger siblings all the stories (the younger kids are a little too young, IMHO for the Doctor) and now we have Tardis references and Dalek salt and pepper shakers and long discussions on how swoon worthy David Tennant is. As you can imagine, these girls are girls of great passion. I am telling you this because it leads to . . .

Time Thingy Number Three: Because of Veronica’s obsession with time, she is convinced that she would make a great companion for The Doctor and she has created a costume to wear around the house just in case he should show up.

Time Thingy Number Four: We are Protestant, so specific current events about the recent resignation of the Pope are not as significant to us as it may be to others. We do, (or at least I do) find it interesting however. Our homeschool history program this year has been about the Middle Ages so we’ve had many discussions about church history and the role the Catholic Church has played in the shape of Western culture. The process of the election of a new pope was part of an impromptu conversation between me and my five children last Friday. As I came away from this discussion all smug, thinking that I’ve hit yet another instructional home run, a daughter of mine, (one of great passions, you must understand) suggested to me that “what if there hadn’t been dozens and dozens of popes throughout history? What if if there was really only ONE and he kept REGENERATING?” (Cue the mom facepalm.) This is a Doctor Who reference. I apologize, profusely, to all my Catholic friends.

Time Thingy Number Five: My oldest son, Corbin, who is 11, isn’t all that impressed with Doctor Who. He appreciates the stories his sisters tell, but he really thinks that if you’re going to mess around with time travel and physics, you’re going to need more than a sonic screwdriver. And real scientists aren’t that flighty. He may have a point. Corbin wants to be a physicist or a mechanical engineer. He too, is a man of great passions

Time Thingy Number Six:  Back when all I did was write and blog, this 10 Minute Writer plan was perfect. I set my timer, go write like a mad woman until it beeped, get up and do housework for 10 minutes and lather, rinse, repeat. But NOW. Now things are a little more complicated. I have a book to sell, I have Tweets to Tweet, I have marketing ideas to follow up on, I have accounting because I have royalty checks, I have to sign books for my mother-in-law to give away to her friends! I’m doing more and more things for an actual writing career, which means I have less and less time to write. What I need, and I’m not just saying this because David Tennant is swoon-worthy, is a Time Lord to help me out!

Time Thingy Number Seven: Time Lords do exist! Who else would have thought of Daylight Savings Time? (Curse you Doctor! I want my hour back!)

That’s all for 7 Quick Takes This Week! Catch me next week and we’ll do it again! 





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3 Responses to “7 Quick Takes For The Week Of March 4-8 WHAT TIME IS IT?”

  1. Do you think Veronica is synesthestic? I ask because I am, and so certain digital times are special because they are pretty colors. 12:45, for example, is lovely, while 1:44 is awful, as is 4:44.

  2. Katharine

    Hadn’t thought of that, but all my kids had this obsession with time about this age. I’m a bit synesthestic too about the arrangement of numbers. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was, but we have confirmation on obnoxiousness, so we’re going with that. ;)

  3. This is the first time I’ve come across your blog (we’re Twitter buddies now!) and I’m intrigued by the 10 minutes of writing. I think this is the answer to my guilt of not taking 30 minutes or an hour and if I just write for fives minutes I feel like a writer of failed proportions. Thanks for reinvgorating my 2013 commitment to finish my book.

    This post is pretty funny. My oldest daughter (21) is just OCD when it comes to numbers: Volume on TV has to be on an even number, stop microwave on an even number if it hasn’t beeped, etc. When she was receiving counseling years ago for something totally unrelated I asked the doc about this and the method I was using to break the habit. I was happy to find out I wasn’t damaging her any further. LOL… My daughter says she’s doing better, but I see her cringe when she’s visiting and I open the microwave with three seconds to go. I just laugh as I still enjoy my job as her mother! :-D

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