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Day 22 #30DaysChivalry How Movies Teach Manhood (A Ted Video by Colin Stokes)


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How’s this for serendipity?  I realized on Day 22 of a 30 day journey of chivalry that I’m getting to the bottom of my idea bucket. Yesterday at 5 p.m., I had nothing prepared for today. I needed something. Fast.

But  I also needed to do laundry. Social media is great and all, but having a fully dressed family is really important. So, while folding laundry, I turned on the Ted Talks app on my iPhone so I would have something to listen to while I did my domestic duty. The first video I watched was about vultures. (Nice!) But the second was about film and the values that are taught to children about the relationships between men and women.

This video, without coming out and saying the word, was about chivalry.

Colin Stokes explains the importance of strong female characters in film, which I felt like I already knew. But what I hadn’t thought about before was how  little boys learn about how to treat women in film, and how different Star Wars is to the Wizard of Oz. I found this video very enlightening and I’d love to hear what you think. And keeping with the discussion of chivalrous heroes, where are they in film?  Can you think of any examples?

So, sit back and enjoy this video about how movies teach manhood and don’t forget to tell me what you think.

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(And my apologies to not being able to embed the video. Apparently WordPress and TED don’t play nicely together!)

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