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Happy 200th Anniversary Pride And Prejudice! (Let’s Tell Your Fortune!)

We interrupt this #30DaysChivalry to celebrate the original romantic comedy, the quintessential romance, the perfectly timeless and timelessly perfect love story that has spoiled us forever in that we now hope that perhaps a Darcy will move into the neighborhood and have ten thousand a year.

Today’s celebration will involve an old game from my elementary years. You know you played it too. You know you could figure out the numbers so that you always got a mansion. This version pays tribute to our dear Jane Austen. And if you play, leave a comment below so we can see what your future holds! Oh, and if you must have a vehicle in your future, ask Lady de Bourgh if you can borrow the Barouche Box.



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2 Responses to “Happy 200th Anniversary Pride And Prejudice! (Let’s Tell Your Fortune!)”

  1. Nadine

    I will certainly live in an Apartment, in London no less while I’ll be married to the simpering Mr. Wickham and we’ll have two children like Mr. Darcy and Georgiana.

    Too fun! I love that book and movie.

  2. Kathy

    Maybe if you’re lucky, your father and his friends (or maybe your brother-in-law Darcy) could buy you a commission in the Army. If you’ll lucky, you’ll get stationed in Brighton!

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