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Day 12: #30DaysChivalry Loving the Lovers AND the Fighters

What do you think of the man who fights?

It’s one thing to be a bully and pick a fight just to prove you are tough. But it’s quite another thing to be a fighter because it’s the right thing to do. Have you ever witnessed a gentleman step up and fight to defend someone else? To save someone else? What did you think of the character of that man? How do you feel about fire fighters and policemen, servicemen and soldiers? Have you ever been the one protected?  I’d love to hear your stories of your admiration to our fighting heroes, paid and unpaid, amateur and professional, unlikely and reputed.

My fictional hero, David Bowles, gets himself in a couple of fights in my story and his love interest, Laura, is conflicted about them. You can read the first few chapters of my book Falling For Your Madness here.  But if you want to win a FREE copy: Sign up below!

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One Response to “Day 12: #30DaysChivalry Loving the Lovers AND the Fighters”

  1. I’m a pacifist, so this is weird, but I do love to see a man fight for a noble cause. One time a salesman came to the door and I answered, and I was politely trying to make him go away. And after about 2 or 3 minutes, my husband came to the door and said, “She said no. Time for you to go now,” and shut the door on him! It warmed the cockles of my heart!! I’m very assertive, and normally I’m the one who’s drawing boundaries in our public and semi public life, but one of the reasons I love my husband is that I know he will fight if necessary.

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