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Day 7: #30DaysChivalry Ladies: What Can YOU Do?


Okay ladies, fear of commitment may be one of the biggest complaints we hear about men. Why do you think that is? Does it have to do with the habits of extended adolescence, like moving in with your parents and spending all your free time playing video games? Or it is just a general attitude of selfishness?

Without bashing all the men in our lives, let’s think about how we could encourage them to be less afraid of commitment. Is there a way? Could we be coddling them ourselves if we give away our bodies or allow them to mistreat us? (I am specifically talking about the context of a general romantic relationship, not rape, domestic violence or other extreme examples of relationships gone wrong.) What if we communicated to them that we see ourselves as valuable?  What if we refused to participate in activities that lowered our inhibitions (this is a nice way of saying drinking and doing drugs)? What if we objected, loudly, when we were touched? What if we covered up and didn’t show everyone our breasts and our butts? Is it possible that if we could communicate to our boyfriends how valuable we were, and what it would take to completely hold our hearts, then those little boys might just grow up and surprise us with their willingness to commit? And if those boys don’t, then why are we chasing after them in the first place?

This is a provocative topic and it may develop into something emotional. Please keep all your comments civil and genteel. If you can’t act like a lady (or a gentleman) while you express yourself, then you are not welcome here. This is my house. I make the rules.

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