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Looking For More Ways To Describe A Gentleman! Got Any?

Starting January 16, I’m going to spend thirty days thinking about ladies, gentlemen and what it takes to be chivalrous in a culture which has forgotten old-fashioned respect. From January 16 to Valentine’s Day, I’m going to make graphics like this (or have someone make them for me), pin them on Pinterest, start discussions on Goodreads, post a few sample chapters of Falling For Your Madness AND giveaway FREE PAPERBACK COPIES!

So, let’s talk chivalry! What do you think a gentleman should do?

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2 Responses to “Looking For More Ways To Describe A Gentleman! Got Any?”

  1. A Gentleman Understands Hormones

  2. I’d add to that…. a gentleman not only understands hormones, but after briefly acknowledging them, gently continues to treat you like you are not being irrational or moody and offers extra doses of compliments and encouragement. :D

    Also, a gentleman will let you enjoy the last bite of dessert.

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