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Top Twelve Reasons Why My Romantic Comedy Is Better Than A Latte

Oh, coffee! We love you! We love your dark, rich yumminess! We love your gentle ritual every morning. We love that you are a sensory delight. But do you know what we love even more?

Good books!

Today I’d like to argue that my romantic comedy is better than coffee. Specifically a latte.


Wait a minute . . . . THIS isn’t a latte! You’re right! It isn’t! I spent my hard-earned money on the copy of a great book and made my coffee at home! (You should too!)

1. I am an independent publisher. By buying my book instead of that latte, you’re supporting small business, encouraging local growth and supporting the arts. If you buy a cup of coffee, you’re lining the pockets of corporate America. Vote with your conscience, people!

2. I had a reader keep track of all the smiles, guffaws, LOLs and giggles she got from my book. She stopped counting so she could enjoy the story. Has your coffee ever made you laugh? I think not. Unless it was made by a clown.

3. Coffee does wake you up and satisfies you for a short time. Yet a book entertains you for hours and when you’re done, you don’t have to go to the bathroom.

4. No delicate rain forest was harmed in the creation of my e-book. I didn’t even go near a rain forest. I didn’t even think about rain forests. E-books are environmentally friendly.

5. My book asks the question: Who has the most power in a relationship? The lady? Or the gentleman? My last latte asked me no questions at all, but I think it did look at me a little funny.

6. When you’re done with coffee, what do you have to show for it? An empty cup. It is so sad. What do you have when you finish reading my story? A happy ending! And then perhaps sadness because it’s over. And then maybe happiness because you can read it again.

7. My book has poetry in it. Mostly Tennyson. A little Frost. I highly doubt your coffee is so well-read.

8. You can read my book on your iPad or other reader. There are few places in this world that you can’t take your device. Coffee on the other hand?  Can’t even take it through airport security. Or the library.

9. You can’t spill my book on your lap and sue me because it’s too hot. I’ve written and rewritten those love scenes. If anything, it’s not hot enough.

10. You rarely hear a barista say: “Making a good cup of joe has been my life long dream.” Whereas, the publication of this book has not only been a dream come true for me, but it’s opened up door after door for me as a writer. You’re not just reading a book. You’re reading my destiny! 

11. Lattes are Americanized versions of an Italian drink. My book is written by an Americanized descendant of Scotch-Irish dirt farmers and misplaced Cherokee Indians. My people have suffered more.

12. Books are cheaper than coffee. For the price of a designer drink at Starbucks you can buy books from independent publishers from all over the Internet. So, put down your latte and support your local indepedent writer today!

If you do buy my book, please leave an honest review here. I’d appreciate it.


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2 Responses to “Top Twelve Reasons Why My Romantic Comedy Is Better Than A Latte”

  1. Jane Steen

    I take issue with 3. After being entertained for hours by a book, I’d probably have to go to the bathroom.

    And I have another point to offer. I’d have to drive for ten minutes to get to my nearest latte-delivering emporium (I live in the burbs) but I can get a copy of your book RIGHT NOW without leaving my armchair.

    If I hadn’t already bought it and loved it, that is.

  2. Brian

    I’ll drink to that!

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